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There is a list of medications containing "Cefuroxime Sodium" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cefuroxime Sodium medicines The last trade name of products
2-Gen 2-Gen - Aksef Aksef
Aksosef Aksosef - Anaptivan Anaptivan
Anbacim Anbacim - Apoxime Apoxime
Aprok Aprok - Axecrest Axecrest
Axeptil Axeptil - Aximcef Aximcef
Axurocef Axurocef - Biociclin Biociclin
Biofumoksym Biofumoksym - Bropime Bropime
Cafogen Cafogen - Cefaks Cefaks
Cefalit Cefalit - Cefaxil Cefaxil
Cefbet Cefbet - Ceflour Ceflour
Ceflux Ceflux - Cefoprit Cefoprit
Cefopti Cefopti - Cefoxim Cefoxim
Cefozine Cefozine - Cefrox Cefrox
Cefroxim Cefroxim - Ceftal Ceftal
Ceftalin Ceftalin - Cefucare Cefucare
Cefucef Cefucef - Cefulife Cefulife
Cefulin Cefulin - Cefur (Eurofarmaco) Cefur (Eurofarmaco)
Cefur (Montage Laboratories) Cefur (Montage Laboratories) - Cefurica Cefurica
Cefuril Cefuril - Cefuroksim (Galenika) Cefuroksim (Galenika)
Cefuroksim (Kraspharma) Cefuroksim (Kraspharma) - Cefurox (ELSaad Pharmaceutical Industries) Cefurox (ELSaad Pharmaceutical Industries)
Cefurox (GlaxoSmithKline) Cefurox (GlaxoSmithKline) - Cefuroxim (Biochemie) Cefuroxim (Biochemie)
Cefuroxim (Chephasaar Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Fabrik) Cefuroxim (Chephasaar Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Fabrik) - Cefuroxim (Hospira) Cefuroxim (Hospira)
Cefuroxim (Huons) Cefuroxim (Huons) - Cefuroxim (Parsenn Produkte) Cefuroxim (Parsenn Produkte)
Cefuroxim (Pharmachemie) Cefuroxim (Pharmachemie) - Cefuroxim (Villerton Invest) Cefuroxim (Villerton Invest)
Cefuroxim Kabi Cefuroxim Kabi - Cefuroxima (Bestpharma Laboratorio) Cefuroxima (Bestpharma Laboratorio)
Cefuroxima (Biogalenic Laboratorios) Cefuroxima (Biogalenic Laboratorios) - Cefuroxima (Eurofarma Laboratorios) Cefuroxima (Eurofarma Laboratorios)
Cefuroxima (Fabra Laboratorios) Cefuroxima (Fabra Laboratorios) - Cefuroxima (IPS Farma) Cefuroxima (IPS Farma)
Cefuroxima (JPS Distribuciones) Cefuroxima (JPS Distribuciones) - Cefuroxima (Micro Labs) Cefuroxima (Micro Labs)
Cefuroxima (MIP Pharma) Cefuroxima (MIP Pharma) - Cefuroxima (Qualipharm) Cefuroxima (Qualipharm)
Cefuroxima (Ramon Sala Laboratorio) Cefuroxima (Ramon Sala Laboratorio) - Cefuroxime (ACS Dobfar) Cefuroxime (ACS Dobfar)
Cefuroxime (Actavis) Cefuroxime (Actavis) - Cefuroxime (Borshchahivskiy CPP) Cefuroxime (Borshchahivskiy CPP)
Cefuroxime (Cardinal Health) Cefuroxime (Cardinal Health) - Cefuroxime (Duopharma) Cefuroxime (Duopharma)
Cefuroxime (Essential Drugs Company) Cefuroxime (Essential Drugs Company) - Cefuroxime (Helm Pharmaceuticals) Cefuroxime (Helm Pharmaceuticals)
Cefuroxime (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) Cefuroxime (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) - Cefuroxime (IPS Farma) Cefuroxime (IPS Farma)
Cefuroxime (JW Pharmaceutical Corporation) Cefuroxime (JW Pharmaceutical Corporation) - Cefuroxime (MIP Pharma) Cefuroxime (MIP Pharma)
Cefuroxime (Mitim) Cefuroxime (Mitim) - Cefuroxime (Pharmadreams) Cefuroxime (Pharmadreams)
Cefuroxime (Ranbaxy) Cefuroxime (Ranbaxy) - Cefuroxime (Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceutical) Cefuroxime (Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceutical)
Cefuroxime (Sichuan Pharmaceutical) Cefuroxime (Sichuan Pharmaceutical) - Cefuroxime (United Biotech) Cefuroxime (United Biotech)
Cefuroxime (Villerton Invest) Cefuroxime (Villerton Invest) - Cefuroxim-Saar Cefuroxim-Saar
Cefurozin Cefurozin - Cefuvex Cefuvex
Cefuvik Cefuvik - Cefvok Cefvok
Cefxiro Cefxiro - Cepokem Cepokem
Cerofene Cerofene - Cesai Cesai
Cesavess Cesavess - Cipofix Cipofix
CJ-Furin CJ-Furin - Colifossim Colifossim
Cosef Cosef - Cureme Cureme
Curobest Curobest - Cuxim Cuxim
Dalixin Dalixin - Dinoxime Dinoxime
Dowcef Dowcef - Emixor Emixor
Enfexia Enfexia - Evorox Evorox
Exeption Exeption - Fervay Fervay
Fixcef Fixcef - Fredyr Fredyr
Froxal Froxal - Furexil Furexil
Furobioxin Furobioxin - Furotil Furotil
Furowin Furowin - Fury Fury
Fuxtil Fuxtil - Glanax Glanax
Gloryfen Gloryfen - Heli-Rox Heli-Rox
Hicefur Hicefur - Infrid Infrid
Insifu Insifu - Jia Nuo Xin Jia Nuo Xin
Jin Mao Jin Mao - Keekol Keekol
Kefezy Kefezy - Keroxim Keroxim
Keroxime Keroxime - Kritum Kritum
K-Roxim K-Roxim - Libroxin Libroxin
Licocef Licocef - Luroxime Luroxime
Marcef Marcef - M-Cefuroxime M-Cefuroxime
Medaxetine Medaxetine - Mefurox Mefurox
Megasef Megasef - Monacef Monacef
Morcef Morcef - Natorox Natorox
Necefu Necefu - Nilacef Nilacef
Nilcoceff Nilcoceff - Ocef Ocef
O-Cef O-Cef - Pai Wei Xin Pai Wei Xin
Panaxim Panaxim - Polixima Polixima
Primocef Primocef - Raghurox Raghurox
Ramorix Ramorix - Rezafil Rezafil
Rigocef Rigocef - Rovix Rovix
Roxbi Roxbi - Roxincef Roxincef
Rox-Z Rox-Z - Sanroxime Sanroxime
Scorcef Scorcef - Sefur Sefur
Sefuro Sefuro - Seroxin Seroxin
Seroxine Seroxine - Sitcef Sitcef
Situroxime Situroxime - Spizef Spizef
Stafcure Stafcure - Surgin Surgin
Swecef Swecef - Topxime Topxime
Torfur Torfur - U-Cef U-Cef
Ucefaxim Ucefaxim - Urox Urox
Uroxime Uroxime - Vhersef Vhersef
Viltacef Viltacef - Wonfuroxime Wonfuroxime
XE XE - Xitil Xitil
Xorim Xorim - Yuroxim Yuroxim
YuYu Pharmaxim YuYu Pharmaxim - Zefsur Zefsur
Zefur Zefur - Zextil Zextil
Zicef Zicef - Zinnat Zinnat
Zinocep Zinocep - Zyroxime Zyroxime

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