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There is a list of drugs containing "Cefuroxime Axetil" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cefuroxime Axetil medications The last trade name of products
2-Gen 2-Gen - Advicef Advicef
Aford Aford - Altum Altum
Amphacef Amphacef - Arixime Arixime
Arozim Arozim - Avocef Avocef
Avostar Avostar - Axetil Cefuroxima Axetil Cefuroxima
Axetilcefuroxima Axetilcefuroxima - AXTL AXTL
Axurocef Axurocef - Betaroxime Betaroxime
Biaxe Biaxe - Bro-Cef Bro-Cef
Bufrix Bufrix - Cefac Cefac
Ceface Ceface - Cefar Cefar
Cefasyn Cefasyn - Cefeuniks Cefeuniks
Cefexl Cefexl - Cefnox Cefnox
Cefobac Cefobac - Cefovex Cefovex
Cefoxim Cefoxim - Cefroxil (Friends Pharma) Cefroxil (Friends Pharma)
Cefroxil (Kylsans Laboratories) Cefroxil (Kylsans Laboratories) - Ceftemac Ceftemac
Ceftiel Ceftiel - Cefubax Cefubax
Cefucare Cefucare - Cefugreen Cefugreen
Cefuhawk Cefuhawk - Cefunis Cefunis
Cefunox Cefunox - Cefuraxe Cefuraxe
Cefuretil Cefuretil - Cefuro-B Cefuro-B
Cefurobiotic Cefurobiotic - Cefurox (Basics) Cefurox (Basics)
Cefurox (ELSaad Pharmaceutical Industries) Cefurox (ELSaad Pharmaceutical Industries) - Cefuroxim (CEFT) Cefuroxim (CEFT)
Cefuroxim (CT-Arzneimittel) Cefuroxim (CT-Arzneimittel) - Cefuroxim (Stadpharm) Cefuroxim (Stadpharm)
Cefuroxim (Terapia) Cefuroxim (Terapia) - Cefuroxima (Cinfa Laboratorios) Cefuroxima (Cinfa Laboratorios)
Cefuroxima (Davur Laboratorios) Cefuroxima (Davur Laboratorios) - Cefuroxima (Mepha) Cefuroxima (Mepha)
Cefuroxima (Mundogen Farma) Cefuroxima (Mundogen Farma) - Cefuroxima (TecniGen) Cefuroxima (TecniGen)
Cefuroxima (Toll Manufacturing Services) Cefuroxima (Toll Manufacturing Services) - Cefuroxime (Ascend Laboratories) Cefuroxime (Ascend Laboratories)
Cefuroxime (Aurobindo) Cefuroxime (Aurobindo) - Cefuroxime (Glob) Cefuroxime (Glob)
Cefuroxime (JW Pharmaceutical Corporation) Cefuroxime (JW Pharmaceutical Corporation) - Cefuroxime (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals) Cefuroxime (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals)
Cefuroxime (Pharmacor) Cefuroxime (Pharmacor) - Cefuroxime (Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group) Cefuroxime (Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group)
Cefuroxime (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries) Cefuroxime (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries) - Cefusa Cefusa
Cefusaph Cefusaph - Cefuwell Cefuwell
Cefuxet Cefuxet - Cefwin Cefwin
Cefxinstandard Cefxinstandard - Cephar Cephar
Ceplex Ceplex - Cesai Cesai
Cetaprime Cetaprime - C-Furo C-Furo
Chemitil Chemitil - Clobarium Clobarium
C-Mee C-Mee - C-TRi T C-TRi T
C-Tum C-Tum - Delamet Delamet
Dencef Dencef - Dofeuro Dofeuro
Doroxim Doroxim - Efurox Efurox
Efurt Efurt - Evorox Evorox
Exeption Exeption - Fiarox Fiarox
Finax Finax - Foru Foru
Foucacillin Foucacillin - Furix Furix
Furobid Furobid - Furonic Furonic
Furoseg Furoseg - Furoz Furoz
Futex Futex - Gitis Gitis
Glanax Glanax - Hilcef Hilcef
Hupiroxime Hupiroxime - Inorm Inorm
Intefurox Intefurox - Jolycef Jolycef
Joxcy Joxcy - Keftil Keftil
Kefuros Kefuros - Lakpro Plus Lakpro Plus
Lazocin Lazocin - Lycef Lycef
LykaCeforim LykaCeforim - Maxetil Maxetil
Maxim Maxim - Menicef Menicef
Merocef-DS Merocef-DS - Nagaxy Nagaxy
Natorox Natorox - Nifoxime Nifoxime
NIKP-Cefuroxime NIKP-Cefuroxime - Oceftil Oceftil
Oltum Oltum - Oxirome Oxirome
Oxizim Oxizim - Popucef Popucef
Powercef Powercef - Quxim Quxim
Raghurox Raghurox - Rexime Rexime
Ricefan Ricefan - Roxat Roxat
Roxef Roxef - RS-Prime RS-Prime
Rucrom Rucrom - Saxetil Saxetil
Sayfur Sayfur - Seftim Seftim
Sefur Sefur - Sharox Sharox
Shatil Shatil - SQCef SQCef
Stacin Stacin - Symking Symking
Tacefur Tacefur - Torcef Torcef
Toubfuro Toubfuro - Tuftil Tuftil
Turbocef Turbocef - Urex Urex
Urixef Urixef - Via-Roxime Via-Roxime
Vincefo Vincefo - Woforce Woforce
Xanroxim Xanroxim - Ximfox Ximfox
Ximorox Ximorox - XZim XZim
Youlexin Youlexin - Zefu-OD Zefu-OD
Zefurime Zefurime - Zerox Zerox
Zextil Zextil - Zinmax Zinmax
Zinnat Pediatric Zinnat Pediatric - Zytil Zytil

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