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There is a list of medicines containing "Cefuroxime Axetil" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cefuroxime Axetil drugs The last trade name of products
3A-Cef DT 3A-Cef DT - Aeruginox Aeruginox
Afrod Afrod - Alurix Alurix
Amytum Amytum - Arkagen Arkagen
Artum Artum - Avocef Avocef
Axacef Axacef - Axetil Cefuroxima Axetil Cefuroxima
Axetim Axetim - Axtum Axtum
Axycef Axycef - BGCef BGCef
Bidorox Bidorox - Broxtil Broxtil
Bullcef Bullcef - Cefac Cefac
Cefact Cefact - Cefasom Cefasom
Cefataj Cefataj - Cef-Euro Cef-Euro
Cefextil Cefextil - Cefob Cefob
Cefogem Cefogem - Cefoxil Cefoxil
Cefpil Cefpil - Cefroxil Cefroxil
Cefroxy Cefroxy - Ceftica Ceftica
Ceftiel-DT Ceftiel-DT - Cefucap Cefucap
Cefucin Cefucin - Cefugreen-DT Cefugreen-DT
Cefuhexal Cefuhexal - Cefunix Cefunix
Cefuon Cefuon - CefurCare CefurCare
Cefurex Cefurex - Cefurobac Cefurobac
Cefurock Cefurock - Cefurox (Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel) Cefurox (Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel)
Cefurox (GlaxoSmithKline) Cefurox (GlaxoSmithKline) - Cefuroxim (Cophavina) Cefuroxim (Cophavina)
Cefuroxim (Domesco Medical Import-Export) Cefuroxim (Domesco Medical Import-Export) - Cefuroxim (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries) Cefuroxim (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries)
Cefuroxim (Yu Chun) Cefuroxim (Yu Chun) - Cefuroxima (Danivet Laboratorios) Cefuroxima (Danivet Laboratorios)
Cefuroxima (Deafarma) Cefuroxima (Deafarma) - Cefuroxima (Micro Labs) Cefuroxima (Micro Labs)
Cefuroxima (Mylan) Cefuroxima (Mylan) - Cefuroxima (Teva) Cefuroxima (Teva)
Cefuroxima (Veinfar Especialidades Medicinales Larjan) Cefuroxima (Veinfar Especialidades Medicinales Larjan) - Cefuroxime (Aspen Pharmacare) Cefuroxime (Aspen Pharmacare)
Cefuroxime (AWD Pharma) Cefuroxime (AWD Pharma) - Cefuroxime (Jan Aushadhi) Cefuroxime (Jan Aushadhi)
Cefuroxime (KRKA) Cefuroxime (KRKA) - Cefuroxime (Pharex Health Corporation) Cefuroxime (Pharex Health Corporation)
Cefuroxime (Physician Partner) Cefuroxime (Physician Partner) - Cefuroxime (Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceutical) Cefuroxime (Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceutical)
Cefuroxime (Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical) Cefuroxime (Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical) - Cefusan Cefusan
Cefusave Cefusave - Cefuwon Cefuwon
Cefuxetil Cefuxetil - Cefxin Cefxin
Cefybond Cefybond - Cephuraya Cephuraya
Cepokem Cepokem - Cesavess Cesavess
Cethixim Cethixim - C-Furo C-Furo
Chifuro Chifuro - CMaxid CMaxid
Colcef-A Colcef-A - CTrox CTrox
Cubix Cubix - Deltrox Deltrox
Dencef-DT Dencef-DT - Doroxim Doroxim
Dowcef Dowcef - Efurox Efurox
Elfurox Elfurox - Exatil Exatil
Exiroxime Exiroxime - Fightex Fightex
Fiox Fiox - Fosty Fosty
Foxim Foxim - Furoark Furoark
Furobis Furobis - Furosap Furosap
Furotec Furotec - Fury Fury
Futil Futil - Glacef Glacef
Glyph-ZM Glyph-ZM - Hitum Hitum
HVCefu HVCefu - Insifu Insifu
Interbion Interbion - Jospar Jospar
Joxime Joxime - Kefuel Kefuel
Kefurox Kefurox - Laxime Laxime
Lecef Lecef - Lyfur Lyfur
Lyprovir Lyprovir - Maxim Maxim
Maxim-DT Maxim-DT - Merocef Merocef
Mevecan Mevecan - Naroxit Naroxit
NCefur NCefur - Nifoxime-DS Nifoxime-DS
Nipogalin Nipogalin - Olcef Olcef
Omextil Omextil - Oxispa Oxispa
Ozax Ozax - Poricef-DT Poricef-DT
Primocef Primocef - Radifur Radifur
Raja Raja - Rhofutum Rhofutum
Rifur Rifur - Roxcefa Roxcefa
Roxetil Roxetil - Rucef Rucef
Rufex Rufex - Saxim Saxim
Sayfur-OD Sayfur-OD - Sefu Sefu
Sefur-DS Sefur-DS - Sharpkil Sharpkil
Shifu Shifu - Stacey Stacey
Stafcure Stafcure - Syner-Cef Syner-Cef
Taxetil Taxetil - Torfur Torfur
Toxedin Toxedin - Tuodoni Tuodoni
Turbocef-DS Turbocef-DS - Urinor Urinor
Urocef Urocef - Viltacef Viltacef
Vinecef Vinecef - Wyceft Wyceft
XE XE - Ximoren Ximoren
Ximos Ximos - Yexitil Yexitil
Yun Tai Yun Tai - Zefur Zefur
Zefuro Zefuro - Zetnil Zetnil
Zichor Zichor - Zinnat Forte Zinnat Forte
Zinox Zinox - Zytum Zytum

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